Progress Being Made on my Rose Rib Socks

Progress Being Made on my Rose Rib Socks

I like stories of all different kinds – novels, plays, movies, TV series – I suspect it is because I am nosy and like to know how people live. This means I usually watch something while knitting, which sometimes means my lace pattern can go a bit awry. At the moment I’m watching the second series of Once Upon the Time. I do like this show mostly because it is so beautiful to look at the costumes are spectacular ….



and I could quite happily move into Mary Margaret’s apartment.

The show itself is an interesting mix of fairy tales, swashbuckling adventure and good versus evil – and the villains are a bit conflicted, so I find it quite compelling.

All this means I look for excuses to watch it and therefore to knit. I should really be cleaning the house/buying food, but I will just watch one more episode! Besides some of the knits on the show are quite inspirational.

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