Asymmetirc Cables Version 2

Second Attempt at Asymmetric Cables

Second Attempt at Asymmetric Cables

Astute observers among you would notice that although my sock doesn’t seem to have progressed, I have changed the method of construction. It all went pear shaped – because I didn’t read the pattern properly. I decided that given that I needed to start again I should try the magic loop method (I found great instructions here). I really like it. No more almost taking my eye out with one of the needles or having one of the double pointed needles falling out because I was knitting loosely.

It might also help that I’ve switched to a very nice Addi circular needle rather than the dodgy cheap metals ones from before (you can see them in the image on this page).

While knitting I’ve been watching Parade’s End.

Cover of Parade's End

Cover of Parade’s End

It is beautiful to watch (always good in a period drama), the acting is brilliant and it has a more cynical (or perhaps honest) view of Edwardian England – definitely worth watching.

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