Owls is Finished

I finished the owls.

I haven’t put the buttons on for the eyes yet because it doesn’t fit over either of the girls heads. For the first time ever my finished item has the dimensions the pattern states it should, but it doesn’t fit over their heads. I didn’t realise head circumference was going to be the limiting factor. I tried to stretch it a bit when I blocked it, so we will see f it fits now.

The pattern is by Kate Davies and you can get it here.  The instructions were very easy to follow and I will make another one (obviously using head circumference as a guide to size!).

This is the first time I’ve knitted cables from a chart and it was surprisingly easy so if you a bit nervous about charts I would say just try it.

I grafted the underarm sleeves using kitchener stitch, which did leave a hole at either end of the graft – this seems to be a common problem – I closed the holes when I weaved in the ends, but I might try a three needle cast off next time.


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