Making Letters for Applique Using An Embroidery Machine – Part 2

In Part 1 I digitised my letters. Now I’m going to stitch them out and attach them to a towel.

I like use calico (Quilters muslin) as a stabiliser for my T-Shirt and Towel appliques. It seems to work really well for me.


As you can see, I hoop the fabric as well. For some other projects I don’t hoop the fabric just the stabiliser, but I’ll save that for another day.

I then stitch out the letters…

Stitching Applique

I use Robinson-Anton Rayon Embroidery thread and Janome bobbin fill (I resent having to buy the Janome Bobbin fill, but it does seem to work the best). It’s also a good idea to change the sewing machine needle every 8 hours or so.

I then cut out the letters. I usually do this while watching T.V.

I’m now ready to attach them to a towel.

I spray the back of the letters with a basting spray – currently I’m using Craft Smart Applique and Embroidery Positioning Spray (I also use this to attach fabric to the stabiliser when I don’t want to hoop the fabric). I bought it from Spotlight.

I use low tac masking tape on the towel to mark a straight line and I place the middle letter of the name in the centre of the towel – the spray will make them stick (just temporarily).

Applique Towel

I then attach the letter. I use an ‘invisible’ thread in the needle and a bobbin thread in a colour to match the towel (in this case white). I use Sulky Invisible Thread, which you can get from here.

I sew the remaining letters using the same method – working outwards from the centre. For example, with a name like Karen I would start with the r, then the a, then the e, then the K and finally the n.

I would show you the finished product, but this one is a gift and I don’t want anyone to see it before them, but here is one I prepared earlier…


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