Knitting – Learning how to fix mistakes

Working on my swatch

I have been knitting for a while and I can fix simple mistakes – a dropped stitch, unknit a couple of rows, but anything more complicated is beyond me and I end up re-starting.

I decided to be pro-active and take a course – this one from Craftsy (Fixing Knitting Mistakes with Ann Budd). In the image above you can see I am working on my swatches. I have the pdf instructions on my Kindle and I am watching flosstube (the Twisted Stitcher – I love watching Vonna, she is genuine and entertaining).

This first swatch is about recognizing stitches (and I know I made a mistake with one of the lifted increases and didn’t know how to fix it! – the irony)

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Machine Embroidery


Cat front being embroidered

I have got the embroidery machine out again – to be used more effectively it needs its own space, but it needs a lot of space. I am making a cat – it’s from Embroidery Library – the Cute Kitty Doll.

So far I have done the front and I am working on the back.

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Braid Hills – 2


Finished the waist shaping – onto my third skein.

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Braid Hill’s Cardigan

Braid Hills Progress

This is the progress on my Braid Hills cardigan by Kate Davies. I am using Buachaille (I bought it as a kit) – in the Macallum shade. It is beautiful – the colour, but it also feels lovely.

I bought the kit two years ago (and have stashed it under the bed), so I can’t remember what size I was planning on making. I have 9 skeins, so I could knit size 1, 2, 3 or 4 and I have decided on 3, which officially only requires 8 skeins, so I have a bit of wriggle room.

The pattern is super-easy to follow – I am in the middle of the waist shaping at the moment – the sleeve caps might be tricky, but I am up for a challenge.


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My Lady’s Quaker

My Lady’s Quaker from Jardin Prive

I have been working on this for a while now, here was the first mention (no image – sorry)

This is My Lady’s Quaker by Jardin Prive.

I am using DMC cottons – black (310) and a varigated red (115). It is on a belfast linen (32 count) and I think it is cream (but I could be wrong about that).

I have new glasses – progressive lenses – and it is now so much easier. I might be able to do a higher count now.

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Hap for Harriet Finished

Hap for Harriet Finished – Finally!

I finally finished my Hap for Harriet. I blocked it using blocking wires, which was a revelation – why didn’t I know about these things before?

It took me at least a year of on again/off again knitting to finish this and while I was knitting it, I was adamant I wouldn’t tackle anything lace weight again. However, now it is finished I love wearing it – it is soft and warm and squishy. And I do have another skein of Misti Alpaca Lace weight yarn in the stash, so maybe another wrap/shawl is possible.

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Nighthawk Socks 2

Nighthawk socks finished

I finished my socks – these have the best gusset and toes of any I have made.

I used the suggestions (for both toes and gusset) in Custom Socks.

I think for my next pair of socks I will try something toe up, but before that I am going to knit the Braid Hills Cardigan – I bought this as a kit two years ago and now I am going to finish it. I have swatched and I seemed to have achieved gauge (I know swatches can lie, so we will see what happens – it is all about the process).

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Nighthawk Socks

Second Sock

This is my second sock and you can see no holey gussets – I picked up an additional two stitches (each side) into the leg as per Kate Atherley’s instructions in the Custom Socks book.

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Back to my first knitting love – socks

Nighthawk Socks

I finally finished my hap (images once I have blocked it) and have returned to my first love – socks!

I was going to knit a version of Helen Stewart’s Fragment socks, but the pattern disappeared in the colour changes. So I have gone with an almost plain vanilla sock – it is knit 6, purl 1.

The yarn is Mad Tosh Night Hawk, which (sadly) has been discontinued.

I have knitted this from the top down, which is my preferred method, but I seem to have a holey gusset. Kate Atherley’s book Custom Socks has a few ideas about this, so I will try those on the second sock.

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Kindle Oasis Cover

Kindle Oasis Cover

Cover without the Kindle

I bought a new kindle – the Oasis – because it was light and water-proof (and I think it will help with my storage issues). In the past I have bought a cover at the same time, but they didn’t have any in stock and the whole point of this kindle is that it is light, so I didn’t want to lose that by adding a cover. However, I did want to cart it around in my handbag and so wanted to ensure the screen didn’t get scratched.

So I decided on a quilted zipper bag. I cut the wadding to the right size and quilted directly onto to it. I then lined the bag so the wadding wasn’t visible on the inside.

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