Weaving – Learning Something New

Weaving progress

When learning something new I like to consult a lot of resources – books, youtube and pinterest. So there has been much vewing, but not a lot of actual weaving.

Once I go to the weaving, as opposed to the warping, things moved much faster. I have had trouble with tension, the width changes in different places, and there are a few lumpy bits, but I feel everything will improve with practice.

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Weaving and Log Moderne Progress

Inkle Loom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman with many crafts must want another one.

I have always been fascinated by weaving, but I didn’t want to invest the space or money to get a large loom. I tried card weaving, but it just didn’t work for me and then Kate Davies wrote about learning how to use an Inkle Loom and I was intrigued. I resisted for a while – do I really need another craft? And another piece of craft equipment? But then one of my students miraculously passed his OLNA and I decided I needed a treat.

I bought an Ashford Inkle Loom from The Good Yarn. I have watched some youtube videos and spent a very long time warping the loom. I am using DMC embroidery floss, but next time I will use cones from The Good Yarn.

As you can see from the image above, it is taking me a while to get the tension right, but I feel I am improving.

Log Moderne Blanket Progress

I am still working on my blanket for Miss A, I have just picked up for the last two squares, which are knitted simultaneously. It’s not going to be finished in time, but I don’t want to rush and ruin it.

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Log Moderne

Progress on the blanket

I am still working (monogamously) on my Moderne Log Cabin – two more squares and the border to go after this one.

I have joined the Bluestocking club at KDD and I am very keen to get started on the first pair of socks. Socks and 18th century women – two of my great interests!

My inkle loom arrived today too – although it does require some assembly.

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Halloween Cat

Progress on my Halloween Cat

Progress is slow and I seem to spend a lot of time unpicking. I should have gridded the fabric.

The pattern is from Satsuma Street, and I am using DMC threads and a 25 count linen (two over two).

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Log Moderne

Progress on my log cabin blanket (that’s my chemo blanket in the background)

This is a great TV watching project; I can even watch shows with subtitles.

I am finding picking up the stitches is slow (I might need pointier needles), but the rest of the time it is very meditative.

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Sampler Quilt

Joining quilt blocks using zig-zag

I’m back onto my sampler quilt (started in 2013!). I am joining the blocks now (using multiple zig-zag stitch). Once all of the blocks are joined, I will make bias binding strips and cover the stitching.

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Log Cabin Moderne

I am still working on my Moderne Log Cabin.

I am watching Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Best Practices series on Patreon. Definitely worth it, I have learnt heaps.

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Halloween Cat Cross Stitch

Halloween Cat Progress

I am still working on my Halloween Cat – progress is slow, but enjoyable.

I have been listening to An offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn (the Audible version) while stitching.

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Moderne Log Cabin

Moderne Log Cabin

Progress is slow, but steady on my Moderne Log Cabin.

I have finished watching Schitt’s Creek and both seasons of Derry Girls and am now watching Dickinson.

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More yarn – a souvenir

More Yarn!

I have taken to buying yarn whenever we go on holiday.

I bought this one from Text and Co – a yarn and book store, what a perfect combination!

It’s Cowgirlblues Merino Twist (in the shorebreak colourway). I bought two skeins because each one is only 300m (instead of the normal 400 for socks), but I suspect I only needed one.

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