A Finished Item (Finally)!

Loop Bag

Loop Bag

I finished the kit – it came together quite easily although I didn’t do a very good job on the straps. More particularly where the straps join each other.

I do like this design and think it would work well in an embroidered silk.

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Spoils of the Trip

Miss A and I had a weekend trip to Melbourne.

We went to the NGV to see the Making the Australian Quilt exhibition.  It is a fabulous exhibition with some amazing pieces – I can’t believe the amount of work involved in some of the quilts. Here’s a review –  https://www.australianbookreview.com.au/101-arts-update/3500-making-the-australian-quilt-1800-1950-ngv-australia – it is definitely worth seeing if you’re in Melbourne.

We also went to L’Ucello – no trip to Melbourne would be complete without a trip to L’Ucello! I also discovered the Kimono House – how could I not have known about that?

We purchased kits – this one

Japanese bag

Japanese bag

And this one as a gift for Miss P


I decided to get started on mine straight away

The Loop Bag

The Loop Bag

I had been thinking about making one of these bags in an embroidered silk, so this was a fabulous chance to get a pattern and have a go.


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Every friday afternoon Miss P goes to a different primary school than her usual one. This different school is in a suburb a long way from ours – well outside my comfort zone. I don’t know where anything is or even what there is to do. There is no point in coming home after dropping her off, so I have been exploring.

Last week I put ‘fabric stores’ into Google Maps and surprisingly there was one 7 minutes away! Fabulous Fabrics! It was fabulous – so many beautiful fabrics – the beaded ones were amazing.

I bought 2 metres of silk – the pinkish one (called peony) and an ivory one.

I plan to make an embroidered evening bag/clutch thing. I want to use some of the designs from here – I just need to decide if I want an allover design or individual designs.

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Birds — what am I watching now?

More of my birds ...

More of my birds …

One day this might be an amazing resource of how long one woman took to finish a needlepoint cushion cover! I am still working on it – and thinking about what to do with the background? Same stitch? Something different?

But while I am stitching this I have been watching things – The Night ManagerNebraska (this is such a beautiful story – definitely worth watching if you like character development over plot) Gemma Bovary (this is a bit of a modern re-make of Madame Bovary and it is in French and English with subtitles – incredibly beautiful to watch (I wanted to move to France), but subtitles do make it a bit tricky to do your needlepoint!) and now Suffragette (I haven’t watched all of this, but I am impressed with what I have seen).

I have a few more things – in what Mr H calls my digital pile – The Baz Luhrmann Collection (I am sure this will be fabulous), The Musketeers Season 3, Indian Summers Season 2 and the first season of Orange is the New Black (I have to be careful when I watch this that there aren’t in little people about). I wonder if I have enough to make it to the end?

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More Birds

Resting Bird progress - I have finished all of the light green sections

Resting Bird progress – I have finished all of the light green sections

I have been working away at this – a little bit every day.

There is a huge amount still to do, but I feel that I have reached some kind of corner and then end is not too far away (although there is a lot of background to do!).

I have been watching The Night Manager – how amazing is this series? Some of the actors (Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander) have really stepped out of their usual roles. Having just seen Tom Hollander in Dr Thorne I am amazed by his versatility. And isn’t Elizabeth Debicki beautiful?

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Birds …again

Resting Birds Progress

Resting Birds Progress


It is easier to see my progress when you look at the back.

So in the evenings (or during the day) when I am tired and very unlikely to do anything productive I sit down with my needlepoint and work a few more stitches.

I’m just working tent stitch (which is a fancy way of saying half cross stitch). Being an orderly type of person (some might say a bit of a control freak), I like to have an order to my stitching. Currently that order is rotating through the colours; white, light-green, medium-green, dark-green, navy blue, white, … even just listing all of the colours is mesmorising.

I have now finished all of the light-green (yay! although this is all about the process and not so much about the end product).

This particular project has proven to be easy to do and very relaxing – more people should take it up.

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Mason Dixon Knitting – Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Mason Dixon Knitting

Mason Dixon Knitting – Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

I found this while in Singapore (at Kinokuniya – well worth a visit if you’re ever in Singapore). I have been reading their blog for ages, but never came across the book in Australia.

I loved this book it was witty and light-hearted and had several projects I would like to try. It is a great mix of projects and knitting observation/lifestyle.

I am super keen on a log cabin blanket …

Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin Blanket

I am also quite keen to try the wash clothes – although I find it quite hard to find cotton yarn.


Here are some of the things that made me laugh out loud

As it turns out, however, a sweater doesn’t look exactly the same on a fortysomething mother of two as it does on the leggy twenty-year-old model who is wearing the sweater (and, often, only the sweater) while cavorting on the moody, misty moors of Yorkshire.My beloved Rowenta [an iron] is right up there with my engagement ring and photo albums on the list of things I would try to grab and take with me if the house was burning down.

The television natters on,politely, as British detectives solve another of the violent murders that are such a plague upon the quaint rural towns of England

And now just a nice quote about knitting

[…] you begin to think that knitting for another human being is the best way to express love, concern and solidarity.



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Progress on the Sampler Quilt

Just keep quilting, quilting, quilting ...

Just keep quilting, quilting, quilting …

I got my sewing machine out to zig-zag around some canvas (for my embroidery class) and thought I should make the most of the easy access and work on the sampler quilt.

I started to think about work flow and the best way of tackling things – at the moment I am cutting each piece of batting as I need it (same with the backing fabric). Should I cut everything at once? What is the best plan?

In a bit of a win I found the note I wrote myself about the sewing machine settings!

I must say this quilting as you go thing is working well – so far at least. I guess the joining together of the blocks might prove to be the stumbling block.


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It’s like watching grass grow – not that that is a bad thing. There is definitely a place for slow stitching. It is quite mesmerising – pulling the needle through the canvas.

Comparison is the thief of joy

I have been doing a lot of this lately  – stealing joy.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

And this as well – although I think (or hope) that I have had the fall. Sometimes I think I should not leave the house and socialise with people as I do it very badly.

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Birds …

Birds - look they match my flowers

Birds – look they match my flowers

Miss A has been unwell – headache, sore throat, cough (usual winter ailment), but it means we have been sticking close to home. So there has been a bit of canvas work done (and a lot of television viewing – 800 Words, Pitch Perfect 2). I am enjoying the process – very calming, although I suspect the back ground will be extremely annoying (do I do a different stitch to make it more interesting?)

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