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The Amazing Thing About the Way it Goes – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

The Amazing Thing About the Way it Goes - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

The Amazing Thing About the Way it Goes – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I read this while on holidays and it is the perfect holiday read. I follow Ms Pearl-McPhee’s blog and I have read her other books, but this one was a departure from her normal style – not so much about the knitting.

Here’s the blurb …

From New York Times best-selling author and popular blogger Stephanie Pearl-McPhee comes a new spin and a hilarious look at life, parenting, and, well, pants.

The Amazing Thing About the Way It Goes takes on the amazing in the ordinary in this side-splitting series of short commentaries. Pearl-McPhee turns her trademark wit and perspective to everything from creative discipline to a way you would never think about fixing your email situation. This book looks at everyday problems, and honestly, it won’t do much to solve them, but at least you’ll be laughing.

This book is a series of essays written in her normal witty style, but more personal. In fact, I think she was very brave to publish some of these chapters – like the Dear Sydney chapter. There are chapters on joining a writers group, learning to ride a bike with clip-in shoes (I don’t think I am co-ordinated enough for that!), what to do when a skunk moves into the space under your porch (I’m glad we don’t have this problem in Australia), her dentist phobia and more. It is laugh out loud funny, but also made me pause and think about a few things – I wonder if the no-pants parenting will work in my house.

Let me just reiterate this book isn’t about knitting – I read some reviews on Amazon that were negative due to the lack of knitting.


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Free Range Knitter – Stephanie Pearl – McPhee


I thought this book was hilarious – I can particularly sympathise with the challenging child stories. It motivated me enough to pick up my knitting needles again – not with much success.

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