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A Year of SewWitty

Some finished objects for 2010

Back on January the 1st 2010 I wrote craft resolutions for the year. Here is that post …

My plan for 2010 is to consume less. So to make that happen I’m not going to buy any fabric this year or knitting yarn. I don’t have a stash of quilt wadding, so I’ll still need to buy that and the thread for quilting.

I’m also not going to buy any more craft books. I subscribe to the Inspirations magazine and I think I’ll continue to buy The Knitter magazine.

I’m also going to keep a record of my craft spending – it’s easy to get carried away particularly when I read other peoples blogs and covet stuff.

By the end of the year I want to have finished

So how did I go? I definitely failed on the consume less goal – I bought more fabric, yarn, books and magazines I now even subscribe to The Knitter. I also kept no record (there might be a good reason for that!).

I did finish the Alphabet Quilt, but not the spiral blanket, the scarf or the socks. I did finish a different scarf and pair of socks, the hand print quilt (for the pre-primary teacher) and a couple of different machine embroidery projects.

So my goals for 2011 are:

  • Knit a pair of socks a month
  • Finish the spiral blanket
  • Finish the swirly skirt
  • Finish my scarf
  • Knit a cardigan/jumper for each of the girls
  • A quilt project
  • A machine embroidery project

Obviously I need to focus on finishing things!

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