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Creativity Workshop with Pip Lincolne

Craft for the Soul - Pip Lincolne

Craft for the Soul – Pip Lincolne

I went to a creativity workshop (run by Pip Lincolne) at the Perth Writers Festival.

I sat beside a lady wearing a spectacular green cardigan – did she make it herself? I should have asked.

There was another lady who brought along her crochet work in progress – not granny squares more like granny hexagons (it was that kind of morning).

We spent time discussing how to live a better, more creative life. There were questions to be answered – what are our strengths, skills, achievements, hurdles … we all found this difficult. As women (and Australians) we are not encourage to boast or even celebrate our successes. How often were we told ‘not to put tickets on ourselves’?

What did I take away from the day (apart from a purple pom pom and a half made pony)? You just have to get on with it – the stars are never going to align, the timing is never going to be perfect. So start now – just a little bit everyday, declare your creativity (whether loudly or quietly – this goes back to the tickets on your self thing – would I be getting ideas above my station if I called myself creative?) and reassess (check in with yourself) often. Are you happy with how things are? Yearning for a different life? To be in a different place? Then do something about it.

The other thing I noticed (about myself, but it might be helpful to others) was how I filled my time with busy work. For a few reasons – to legitimise my existence (look at me I’m hard working, I volunteer, I do maths tutoring, I keep my house clean …) and because I am afraid to put myself out there to be ridiculed and/or to fail.

But if not today, then when? Small steps …

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