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Australia Day

In the true tradition of Australia Day (26th) I made a pavlova


I had been led to believe they were difficult, but it was surprisingly easy. I used the recipe from Nigella Lawson’s How to Eat. The recipe is very similar to this one.

I thought I would include a few Australian facts:

  1. Australia is the largest Island – it is the 6th largest nation (after Russia, Canada, China, USA and Brazil).
  2. We invented the black box flight recorder, pre-paid postage, the bionic ear, the electronic pacemaker and the cure of 80% of stomach viruses (by using antibiotics – bacteria caused the ulcers).
  3. We were the second country (after New Zealand) to give women the vote.
  4. We have the most poisonous snake – the Inland Taipan.
  5. We also have the most deadly marine creature (the box jellyfish) and the most deadly spider (the funnel web).
  6. We are the only country that is also a continent.
  7. In 1967 our Prime Minister – Harold Holt- went for a swim and never returned.
  8. Per capita we read more newspapers than any other country. We also spend more gambling than any other country.
  9. Our population density is 2.9 per square kilometre (China is 18534, USA 32)
  10. Our national anthem Advance Australia Fair only became official in 1984. It has the word ‘girt’ in it. It use to start with ‘Australia’s sons let us rejoice…’, but now it is ‘Australians all let us rejoice…’
  11. 24% of our residents were born overseas.
  12. Australia has the lowest rainfall of any inhabited continent.
  13. Australians have competed in all 26 Modern Summer Olympics.
  14. Our money (notes) is plastic. We’re the first country to do this.
  15. We have the longest fence in the world (5530 km).
  16. We have universal health care.
  17. Australia was one of the founding members of the United Nations.
  18. Australia held the first Surfing Championship.
  19. We have the highest literacy rate in the world (100%).
  20. It is compulsory to vote.

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