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Cat’s Meow

I think these are going to be the death of me.

This is what they should look like …

Photo from Ravelry – Meow Mits by Tiny Owl Knits

I have finished one -except the embroidery – and I have started the second one three times! They’re very small and there is lots of yarn hanging off the back.

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A few projects

My irises are growing

I love irises and I plant bulbs every year – I never dig the old ones up so some of them come up again – this year they have been spectacular. A reward for how wet and cold it has been.

Blackwork triangles

I have done a small amount of work on my Blackwork triangles – mostly just at my class. I feel re-invigorated on this project and now just want to get it finished.

It is Miss A’s turn to have something knitted and she pickedĀ Meow Mitts

Meow Mitts (image from Ravelry – tinyowlknits)

She has picked her own colours – our base is going to be blue and the bow red.

Here is the swatch

Meow Mitts Swatch

This will be my second attempt at colour work so we will see how it goes.

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