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Bluprint Classes

Garter Point Lace Edging

Late last year I subscribed to Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), it was a good deal and the subscription came with vouchers to buy 12 classes outright.

I have done some of the other classes and enjoyed them. The format suits me – I can watch when I want and work through the homework as I have time.

In this strange world we now find ourselves (below is an image of our local playground – roped off for the foreseeable future) I decided I had a bit of time and space to work on some of the classes.

I am currently working on Heirloom Lace Edgings, the teacher is Franklin Habit. He is a good teacher, he explains things well. The first photo shows my homework – I have knitted the centre (the thing to which I am going to attach my lace) and now I am working on the lace.

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