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Road Side Beanie

Road Side Beanie by Oliver Henry and Sandra Mason

This was the hat for the 2019 Shetland Wool Week. I have always been fascinated by colour work, patterns like this

“Rams and Yowes” and “Tortoise and Hare” both by Kate Davies

But they seem very complicated, so I need to build myself up to that level.

I thought a hat would be easier and Miss A was going on the school ski trip (cancelled now due to Covid 19).

I bought a kit for the Road Side beanie from Calico and Ivy (if you are in Perth this is a lovely store).

Road Side Beanie Progress

It’s coming along slowly – here’s me knitting a bit of it

I should have used circular needles, but I used what I had on hand, which was dpns. I am up to the crown decreases, so it should all get a little bit faster. This requires a bit of concentration so I haven’t been watching any T.V while knitting it. I did finish Little Fires Everywhere – it was very good.

I would like to finish this by July, which is when the tour was meant to take place.

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A Body and Two Sleeves

I’ve attached the sleeves to the body and I’m now just working on the yoke.

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Progress on the knittting

I’ve been working on my all-in-one top. I’m at the point when I start knitting the sleeves.

The pattern so far (from here) has been really easy to follow – just round and round with a purl round every 10th time. I do have to say that stitch markers have made the whole process a bit quicker – I don’t have to think about the starting point.

I’m slightly concerned about the sleeves. I think I understand how it is all going to go together (I could be wrong of course), but I want the pattern on the body to flow into the pattern on the sleeves – this might require some thought.

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