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New Knitting Books

I’ve really been enjoying my knitting – there is something analytical but also creative about it. I decided it was time to get some resources. I wanted a Stitch Dictionary, but I couldn’t find such in my local book stores. Instead I bought How to Knit and The Best of Vogue Knitting.



The first is in two halves; techniques  and then patterns. It also has a small stitch gallery at the end. I think it will be perfect for looking up things like all of the different types of increases and decreases.

The second is articles lifted straight from the Vogue Knitting magazine. It is split into thirteen sections and covers things from basics to expert finishing tips and tricks. The articles are written by a range of people from Elizabeth Zimmerman to Melanie Falick. I don’t think it is the type of book you read from start to finish, but just pick an interesting article and read it.

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