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It has all been a bit hit and miss for me lately. I damaged my finger (playing netball) and had to have it taped for a week. That meant no craft. Then I have been running in an effort to build calcium and get fitter – my running partner and I have made it to a 90 minute run, but on my last run I hurt a knee (there is a bit of a theme here). Anyway, I wanted to do some easy (and quick) craft.

I made the head band above for Miss A. It is just two pieces of grosgrain ribbon (from Spotlight) sewn together – right sides out – with about 10cm of  elastic joining the ends. Very simple and when she wears it you can’t see the elastic. I turned the ends under slightly (just so I wouldn’t have to worry about them fraying).

This was really a practice run for the vintage ribbon I bought here.

I’m also reading this book …


which I am finding completely fascinating, but I will write more about that later.

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