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So many projects so little time

Just some of the current projects

Just some of the current projects

There are too many good things to do and not enough time! I have my bird cushion – I mostly work on this at my embroidery class with Ann-Marie (although I have done a bit at home while watching Murdoch Mysteries – neither requires much concentration). I have my February jumper, which after many false starts is going well, but it does require concentration. Which is why I have a third project – I wanted something small (unlike the bird cushion) and easy to do. I decided on a scarf (Favourite Scarf Ever), which uses a ball of misti alpaca sock yarn (I have a lot of misti alpaca sock yarn and it seems a shame to hide it away in my shoes). This is a deceptively easy pattern – I’m getting lots of compliments on my high level of knitting skill!

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