Moderne Log Cabin

Moderne Log Cabin

I have been (unusually) a monogamous knitter. I started working on this blanket in early December and apart from a brief flirtation with my November sock (while I was on Rottnest Island) I have knitted only this.

This is all garter stitch and it is easy to get into a lovely rhythm and just want to do ‘one more row’.

I have been watching television series

  • Bridgerton – is anyone else watching this? It is beautiful. I read The Duke and I in preparation, but I need to read the other seven novels in the series.
  • Schitt’s Creek – I love this. I am up to series 5.

I have also been listening to podcasts. My current favourite is Cast On by Brenda Dayne. She has a lovely voice. Her podcast is about all sorts of creative endeavours.

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