Kinda Magic Socks (Wool and the Gang)

Image of Wool and the Gang's Kinda Magic socks - socks with a light pink ground with blue and darker print leopard spots and darker pink toes and heels
Kinda Magic Socks by Wool and the Gang

I bought 5 balls of Wool and the Gang sock yarn. It meant postage was free. It came with a pattern and three sets of double pointed needles (2.25mm, 2.5mm and 2.75mm).

For this first pair I followed the pattern exactly (and I must say it was an easy to follow pattern), but for the next pair I will make a few alterations – the foot is too long and that is because I made the toe too big (next time I will just do my normal toe). Also, I have become a magic loop convert and will knit the next pair the magic loop way.

I do like the after-thought heel – although I did get a hole at the corner where the foot meets the leg (I closed it up with spare yarn so you can’t see it in the photo). I will do some research to see how that can be avoided for the next pair.

These are my May socks, so I am ahead of schedule. I am going to work on my Hansel shawl and when I need something easy I will knit wash cloths.


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2 Responses to Kinda Magic Socks (Wool and the Gang)

  1. Caroline

    Hi! I’m knitting these socks right now! I was wondering if you might be able to help– I have reached the heel color change but the color changed in the middle of a round. Should I knit the last 15 stitches of the round in the heel color or simply stop at the end of a needle as the pattern advises? I am worried about the missing row affecting length somehow or how edges line up….

    Also, do you have any specific recommendations/alterations for the toe or that corner hole?


  2. SewWitty

    I don’t know how to avoid the hole yet – when I get to that part on my next pair I will try to find a fix. With the heel colour change I would stop at the end of the needle I don’t think it will affect how the foot patterns line up. I like to do the toe shaping recommended here – Hope this helps. Racquel

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