Blank Canvas Complete

Blank Canvas being blocked

I finished knitting my Blank Canvas – I have mixed feelings. This yarn has been around for a long time (I tired to knit the February Fitted Pullover, but it had been in my stash for a long time before that) I wanted it gone. I felt weighted down by it and, as is so often the case, I didn’t like it anymore.

I enjoyed the knitting – coming to terms with LLI and RLI (Left lift increase and Right lift increase) and wrapless short rows.

The neckband was a disaster – the first time (for which I blame Lutherwas too tight and I couldn’t get it over my head, the second version, which is the current version, is all loose and wobbly. There might be a third version, but my enthusiasm is waning and I am wondering if, even if it is perfect, will I wear it? And here is my fundamental conundrum – I have knit something in a colour and yarn weight that I would never choose to wear. This is a common problem – I get seduced by the colours in the yarn store (and fabric store and sometimes clothing store) and buy it only to realise later that I only wear colour in accessories – scarf (maybe socks at a pinch). My wardrobe is full of beautiful prints and colours that languish unworn.

Also, I don’t like 8ply – it seems a bit inelegant and chunky.

I think I wanted this to be quite a simple, structured garment and it is pink(!) and a bit too drapey. I have chosen the wrong yarn and/or the wrong pattern.

On the other hand, this is the first time I have knit a full sized jumper! So I feel that I have crossed some kind of personal rubicon – and as the Yarn Harlot says in Knitting Rules

Don’t expect too much of your first sweater. As a general rule, they get better, and each one can exist simply to teach you something.

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