Resting Birds

Resting Birds are blocking

Resting Birds are blocking

The embroidery is finished! By the end it was terribly out of alignment – more a rhombus than a square. I have blocked it, but I suspect I will have to block twice.

I have been terribly grumpy all day today – for no real reason, but I feel angry. Two hard games of netball didn’t help although often a good run around can lift my spirits.

Anyway, to feel less wild, I decided to ignore my to do list and knit …

Favourite Scarf

Favourite Scarf

This is the second half and I don’t think I have too much more to do, which is great because I have subscribed to theĀ Inspired by Islay club that Kate Davies is running. I always love her patterns (even if I don’t knit them) and her essays are fabulous.

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