Back on the Scarf …

We’ve been away – a relaxing, wintry holiday where not a lot got done. There was even a kangaroo in the garden.

Kangaroo in our back garden

Kangaroo in our back garden

I wanted to take portable craft with me. I took the birds …

More of my birds ...

Birds …

I now only have the back ground to complete and I need to decide what stitch to use. I’ve decided to let it sit for a bit and see if inspiration strikes.

Progress on the second half

Progress on the second half

I also took this scarf away – I am now onto the second-half. It is an easy pattern to remember, which makes it perfect for movie and television knitting (currently watching The Man Who Knew Infinity), although I do often forget the P2tog at the end of every second row (not such a bad mistake I usually pick it up early on the next row).

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