Birds — what am I watching now?

More of my birds ...

More of my birds …

One day this might be an amazing resource of how long one woman took to finish a needlepoint cushion cover! I am still working on it – and thinking about what to do with the background? Same stitch? Something different?

But while I am stitching this I have been watching things – The Night ManagerNebraska (this is such a beautiful story – definitely worth watching if you like character development over plot) Gemma Bovary (this is a bit of a modern re-make of Madame Bovary and it is in French and English with subtitles – incredibly beautiful to watch (I wanted to move to France), but subtitles do make it a bit tricky to do your needlepoint!) and now Suffragette (I haven’t watched all of this, but I am impressed with what I have seen).

I have a few more things – in what Mr H calls my digital pile – The Baz Luhrmann Collection (I am sure this will be fabulous), The Musketeers Season 3, Indian Summers Season 2 and the first season of Orange is the New Black (I have to be careful when I watch this that there aren’t in little people about). I wonder if I have enough to make it to the end?

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