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Unfinished Projects

Unfinished Projects

Some finished blocks!

And this …

I have been thinking about the unfinished lately and why I have numerous unfinished projects – not to mention the fabric, yarn and embroidery thread (both machine and hand) stash. I think it comes down to greed, which is quite a shocking thought. I’ve always considered greed to be about food and money, but I have decided it can about anything. As soon as I see something new and interesting (not to mention pretty) on a blog I simply must have it – I have this fear that when I am finally ready for it it will no longer be available. And although this might be the case, there is bound to be something else equally pretty and available when I am ready. I also do this with books and to some extent magazines.

I have no idea what steps to take to overcome this problem (and it is a problem because I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the stuff I own). I’ve imposed ‘no buy’ bans, but as soon as I get a bit stressed I pop out and buy sock yarn, or fabric bundles or a new craft book.

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