Canvas Work 3

Canvas Work Sampler

Canvas Work Sampler

Close Up

Close Up

I have been working away on my canvas work sampler while watching Olive Kitteridge (which is great РI read the book  and loved it, so was keen to see the adaptation particularly because Frances McDormand was Olive).

I have to say this sampler is very slow going. It was a mistake to use embroidery cotton – 9 strands all of that stripping! I should have used wool or picked a smaller canvas 18 count instead of 14. However, it is meant to be a learning experience. The green shape above was a pain to stitch – all that compensation around the edges.

Next up I want to try something pictorial and a bit folk arty.

Something Like This

Something Like This

I’m finding the idea of Berlin wool work quite appealing as well – although it is just tent stitch (so probably not that exciting to stitch).

Like this …


That way I could make something a bit more useful (maybe a cushion cover?).

However, I must finish my sampler first.

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