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Owl Socks for Miss P

Owl Socks for Miss P

I have started a new pair of socks for Miss P. She is the only one who likes my hand knitted socks – and fortunately she has little feet.

My plan was to have owl cables around the top of the sock – like this …

Owl Cable Knitting Chart

Owl Cable Knitting Chart

You might even be able to see the owl cables on my sock. What didn’t occur to me was that I needed to knit the owl upside down so that it would be the right way up when you where the socks! Now my owls are hanging upside down like bats.

I have been able to squish a bit of extra knitting time into my day. I have a stress fracture in my foot (5th metatarsal if anyone is interested) and instead of running I have been using our stationary bike. I have discovered it is possible to knit while exercising (although my hands to get a bit sweaty!). Talk about multi-tasking I;m riding my bike, knitting and watching TV (I just finished watching this – very good it reminded me a bit of A Dance to the Music of Time).

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