Quilt Finished

I finished my quilt – the photo is a bit strange because I laid the quilt on the floor. The pattern is from Two Little Banshees (she has a tutorial).

I just quilted it using a swirly free motion quilting pattern.

Here is the back …

I decided to try machine sewing the binding down (rather than hand sewing the back). My plan was to stitch in the ditch on the front and therefore catch the binding at the back. Good plan? Well it sounds good in theory, but the practice proved to be much harder. In the end I used a decorative stitch to ensure that all of the binding was caught at the back. However, I was happy with the end result. Next time I’m going to machine sew the binding to the back (the reverse of my usual practice) and then machine sew it to the front (as close I can to the fold).

I’ve just started another version of this quilt, but more of that later.

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