My self-imposed challenge of blogging every day has meant that today I’m struggling to find something to write about. As we all know, craft takes time and although I have made some progress on my knitting – it would look very similar to yesterday’s image.

Today I made chocolate cup cakes. I made Chocolate Cake No.2 from the Golden Wattle cook book. Stuck them into patty pans (it made 9) and then sprinkled icing sugar over the top.


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  1. Kim

    Thank you for your post, this is my favourite chocolate cake recipe and this post is the only reference to it on the internet. Haven’t made it in over 30 years and I thought I must have been imagining it. At present I am stuck overseas and have been asked to make a chocolate cake and wondering if you would be kind enough to share the recipe? I have the nineteenth edition and I believe the same or following page had the “ganache” or the filling recipe, absolutely divine. Thank you for saving my sanity.

  2. SewWitty

    I have sent you an email with it.

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