Continuous Binding

I like continuous binding, but I always have trouble with the last join. This time I watched a DVD tutorial by Brenda Smith. I watched a bit, did what she did, watched the next bit etc. I achieved perfect results – I didn’t even end up with a pinch in the binding because I put the join in slightly the wrong spot. In fact she made it so clear I’m not sure why I had trouble in the past.

My copy of the DVD came from the latest issue of the Homespun magazine (I know it sounds like I work for this magazine, but I hardly ever buy it. I’ve bought the last two issues for the DVDs).

I’ve still got to hand sew the binding to the back of the quilt, so I shall an image tomorrow of the (hopefully) finished quilt.

I used my acufeed foot to attach the binding, but it was hard to get 0.25 inch seam. I either need to use my patchwork foot or purchase a quarter inch acufeed foot.

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