The Gentle Art of Quilt Making – Jane Brocket

I’ve been very unproductive the last week or so and as it school holidays for the next two weeks I don’t think that is going to change. However, I have bought The Gentle Art of Quilt Makingby Jane Brocket.

I have her Gentle Art of Domesticity which I loved (I’m sure she is living the life I should have had!) So I had to have this one.

Once again it is beautifully presented. It contains 15 quilts and a description of in the inspiration behind each quilt. What Ms Brocket does really well is to take away the paralysing effect of perfection – it’s all about having a go and making something usable (and beautiful).  Most of the pieces are squares or strips (much easier to cut and sew) and the wow factor is produced by the fabric selections. Who would have thought squares on point could be so spectacular (see the cover image above).

Here are three of my favourites …

Beach Hut (Ice Cream)


Purple Rain

Don’t let my dodgy photography put you off. I think this book is designed for quilters of all levels.

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