I have a new sewing machine!

I’ve been wanting this sewing machine for a while (and the Mothers Day sale made it possible). My MC9000 (Janome) while good was a bit old, the touch screen was a bit dodgy and it didn’t have the built in thread cutter (which I’ve come to really like on my 1600p) and it was quite tricky to manoeuvre a quilt around it.

This new one is fabulous – I bought the table as well. The table is fabulous; it makes such a difference to be working at the right height.

The acufeed system is marvellous; my in the ditch quilting is almost perfect. I’ve also done a bit of free motion quilting and that is great too (all errors due to me rather than the machine).

I’m really tempted to try applique on this machine – there seems to be several stitches that might work.  I bought two cushion patterns from Hot Possum (one a dinosaur and one a fairy) to test it out.

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