Free Motion Embroidery – Fill Stitches 2

I worked on my flower…

Free Motion Embroidery Fill Stitches

I have found the sewing machine speed that works for me and I am pleased with the results – it’s not perfect, but if I wanted perfect I would digitise a flower and use my embroidery machine.

As you can see in the below image, I’m still going outside the outline and I shall try stitching the outline last in the next flower.

Close up of the flower


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2 Responses to Free Motion Embroidery – Fill Stitches 2

  1. Denise Perrin

    Hi there from WA. Could you please tell me what stitch you used for your filler inside the flower.

    Cheers Denise

  2. SewWitty


    I just used a straight stitch on my machine. Dropped the feed dogs and moved the hoop around. Hope that helps.


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