Salvation Creek – Susan Duncan

Salvation Creek

We’ve been reading Salvation Creek for book club.

It’s a memoir by Susan Duncan who was unfortunate to lose both her brother and husband within a matter of days. This tragedy bought about a midlife crisis of sorts – she packed in her job and decided to try to find a place in the country to live.

This type of memoir has been done before – generally people move to Italy or France and discover the joys of fine food and simple living.

Susan did eventually find a home for herself on a boat access only part of Pittwater. She became involved in the community and meet some wonderful people. Barbara, in particular, seems to have been a bit of a saint.

This book was OK, not good nor bad. It was a story I’ve read before and not as articulately written as some others. The middle was tiresome – Susan seemed to be moving around in circles (I guess that’s life though rather than fiction). It was nice to read an Australian version of the story and I found the Dorothea Mackellar references interesting.

A good non-taxing beach read.

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