Foundation Piecing Using Machine Embroidery

I’ve always enjoyed the accuracy of foundation piecing, but I don’t have the time to make the foundations. I decided to try to digitise an embroidery that I could use instead.

I do all of my digitising in Thred (it’s free!) and use Embird for converting and resizing.

HourGlass Design in Thred

The first colour stitches the foundation and then it is a matter of placing the fabric, stitching the next colour, flipping the fabric, placing the next piece of fabric, etc.

The final colour stitches the cutting line around the edge.

This design will stitch out a block 13.8 cm square (including 6mm seam allowances). I know this is a strange size, but it was the biggest I could fit into my hoop!

Here is what it looks like in fabric …

HourGlass Finished Version

I’m in the process of writing instructions and converting to different sewing machine formats. Leave a comment if you’re interested in a copy (free!).


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2 Responses to Foundation Piecing Using Machine Embroidery

  1. Val Rule

    I’m trying to digitize a flying geese unit that is not straight edged … I’m working on the Hoop Sisters Goose Tracks project and have re-digitized alot of the blocks.. I’d like to add some flying goose bits to fill in some of the spaces I’ve left from the re-digitizing… I’d appreciate your instructions as I’m fairly new to the digitizing world and live in a very rural area of Nova Scotia with little resources to draw from. I’d be happy to send you photos of anything i come up with in return !

  2. SewWitty

    Hi Val,

    I don’t know the Hoop Sisters Goose track project. I did a quick search on google – it looks great and very complicated. Do you get all of the blocks on the CD? When you say the flying geese units don’t have straight edges – do you mean they’re curved somehow? Could you seen a picture? I use Embird studio to digitise, which is great, but like you I am still learning and have really only done simple foundation piecing.

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