Distracted Again!

My mum is planning on making a calendar using machine embroidery. I thought I would help her with the design.

Calendar Image

I’ve been using my Janome Scansoft software (very old – I bought it for $5 in the bargain bin) to design the letters and numbers and Embird to merge the designs and place them in the appropriate place. Somewhat time consuming but pretty easy.

My mum wants the public holidays in one colour and  school holidays in another. That should be easy to do once I find out the 2008 term dates. 

As you can see from the image, I’ve been working on January. I’ll get my mum to approve the design before I continue with the other months. My current thinking (which could change at any moment), is to make a quilted wall hanging with the months as blocks.

I love the design aspect of all projects, but as you all know I’m not so good at finishing things off!

One of my goals is to become an embroidery designer so this is all grist to the mill so to speak.

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