Seam Allowances (Bugger!)

So I made my 36 blocks…

Block Stack

Only to discover that my maths was wrong and I needed another two blocks. I made another two blocks. I decided to sew a strip of the blocks together and then join them to one side of the quilt. Aahhh, it’s half a block too short or if I still a block from another side it’s half a block too long! Too much to fudge it. Seam allowances you are my nemesis! Each block is only slightly out, but when you multiply the error by 12 blocks it’s way out.

Lesson learnt: It might be easier to piece block borders first and then the inner unpieced border to fit.

I’m feeling disgruntled and I want this quilt finished – so I’m going to quilt it and bind it. I will use all of those hour glass blocks (all 38 of them) to make a dolls quilt.

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