Various Commitments

I’ve been making more T-Shirts for my market stall. I’ve completed the embroidery, but have not yet attached the embroidery to the T-Shirts. Of course I haven’t even started the administration stuff. You know order forms, receipt book, etc.

I also have to write a book review for JASA (Jane Austen Society of Australia). The book is Cassandra’s Sisterby Veronica Bennett and I’m desperately trying to find something positive to write! I think it’s a bit unfair to say ‘this book turned me off reading for life’, but that’s how I felt. Usually I read a book a week, but I was determined not to read anything else while reading this book and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make myself finish it.

So what all this means is that I’ve been too busy to work on my Snail’s Trail quilt or my Log Cabin quilt. Although I did find time to correct my log cabin foundation.

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