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Up Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary – Wendy Bernard

Up Down All-Around Stitch Dictionary - Wendy Bernard

Up Down All-Around Stitch Dictionary – Wendy Bernard

I ran my second half-marathon at the end of August (this one) and I decided I needed a bit of a reward. Hence this book! I had eyed it off a few times, but thought do I really need another stitch dictionary? But what is great about this one is the fact that there are instructions for each stitch pattern in the round, flat (from the bottom up) and flat (from the top down)!

Given that I mostly knit socks from the top down (and obviously in the round) this is brilliant!

It is split into eight sections:

  • Knits and Purls
  • Ribs
  • Textured, Slipped and Fancy
  • Yarnovers and Eyelets
  • Cables
  • Lace
  • Colourwork (I had to put the ‘u’ in colour)
  • Hems and Edgings

Each section also has a project – items like socks, mittens, lace stole, a jumper. I’m quite keen on the Checkerboard Mesh Pullover.

Checkerboard Mesh Pullover

Checkerboard Mesh Pullover

and the lace stole

Lace Stole

Lace Stole

As you can see from the above images, it is published in binder form, which means the book lies flat on any given page – I am not sure that was necessary it just means it takes up more space on my book shelf!

I think this is a great resource. Definitely worth buying if you like to design your own knits or even alter an existing pattern (there are instructions on how to switch stitch patterns) or maybe convert a flat pattern into the round, or knit something from the top down instead of up – the possibilities are endless.

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