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This Thing of Paper – Karie Westerman

Cover image of this thing of paper
This Thing of Paper – Karie Westermann

I have had this book since it was published and the fact that it has taken this no long to read is no indication of its quality more a sign of my book piling.

This is from Karie’s website

This Thing of Paper is a knitting book that urges you to make stuff. Karie Westermann was inspired by her lifelong fascination with books and how all her favourite volumes all fit just so in her hands (much like her favourite pair of knitting needles!). Eleven knitting patterns explore the connections between books and knitting, while the accompanying essays take you from medieval monasteries to contemporary libraries.
What does it mean to be a maker? What do handmade things mean to us? Who do we become as we read and knit? All these questions and many more are discussed in a knitting book quite unlike others.
The book comes complete with the patterns written in Karie’s signature style, lush photography shot on location, and bespoke graphic design.

This is a fabulous book if you are interested in knitting, books, and the history of books. The essays are interesting and thought provoking and don’t take long to read. You could dip in and out of this book – just read an essay now and then. I read it from start to finish in a couple of sittings.

I am keen to have a go at a Hap shawl and thought I might attempt the Woodcut Shawl – although I am going to start with a simpler one first. I am doing the Shetland Hap Shawl class at Craftsy.

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