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Finished Object – Dino Cushion

I finished the cushion for Miss P.

I was a bit disappointed with how the frill on the edges turned out. I should have sewn the zig zag bits from the front and used the seam joining the frill strips as a guide. Also, the pattern has two different dimensions for the back (one for the frill and one without), but as luck would have it I cut the back too small and then had to add bits. If I had read the instructions through completely this would have been obvious, but the second set of dimensions is only mentioned in one small spot (certainly not in the list of materials), which I think is poor form on the part of the patter writer. However, I do like how the frill is constructed.

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Dino Cushion

My applifix finally arrived from here, so I’m back onto the dinosaur cushion. Miss P picked the fabric – the ladybird fabric is for the body and the other one for the spiky bits.

It is very humid today and the idea of using an iron is extremely unappealing so I don’t think there will be much progress on this project – maybe some more sock.

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