A Life in Stitches – Rachael Herron

A Life in Stitches

A Life in Stitches – Rachael Herron

I like what I am going to call craft memoirs – like this one or this one – I read about A Life in Stitches somewhere (ravelry maybe) and ordered it from the book depository.

Here is the description …

In these 20 heartfelt essays, Rachael Herron celebrated romance novelist by day, 911 dispatcher by night, and founder of the hugely popular blog Yarnagogo.com shows how when life unravels there’s always a way to knit it back together again, many times into something even better. Honest, funny, and full of warmth, Herron’s tales, each inspired by something she knit or something knit for her, will speak to anyone who has ever picked up a pair of needles. From her very first sweater (a hilarious disaster, to say the least) to the yellow afghan that caused a breakup (and, ultimately, a breakthrough), every piece has a moving story behind it. This beautifully crafted and candid collection is perfect for the knitter who loves to read and the reader who loves to knit.

This is a very personal account of knitting and various different life events – some sad and some funny. I found it entertaining, fascinating, thought provoking and occasionally sad. I’m quite nosy I like to know details about people’s lives – not in a malicious way I’m just interested in how people live. Accordingly, I found this glimpse into Ms Herron’s life compelling.

Another review …


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