Knitting Workshop – Elizabeth Zimmerman

There are heaps of post-it notes stuck in my copy of this book and I’m only up to Lesson Two – Yoke Patterns Weaving and Finishing! I wish I had this book when I first started knitting.

Things like this …

It’s a good idea to form the habit of slipping the first stitch of every row in back-and-forth knitting as this makes any selvedge firm without tightness.

And I had no idea that knit and purl were the two sides of the same stitch!

Also, when joining the round you should use both strands for three stitches.

There is even diagrams about the way a stitch should look on the needle (for a knit stitch the right half of the loop should be in front of the needle.

There is information on decreases that lean to the right (k2tog) and the left (ssk).

This book is fabulous and I think knitters of all abilities would find something to interest them and possibly learn something new.

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