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I’ve been thinking about quilting my log cabin quilt a block at a time. Rather than quilting it all at once at the end. The ‘Quilt as You Go’ technique. Quilters Cache have a great explanation with pictures. I’m thinking about quilting as I go because I struggle trying to manouver a full size quilt on my Janome 9000 sewing machine. This way, I think, I’ll be able to have more intricate quilting on each block. Usually I do straight lines that turn out wobbly. However, I’m a bit worried about all of the hand-sewing involved – that is, butting the batting and then whip stitching it together, and then sewing the backing pieces together. I think this will be quite time consuming and I’m wondering if the back will be a bit bitty. I am keen to try this technique at least once and I can see it would be possible to make the back decorative or even more impressive to make a reversible quilt. I’ve been reading the April issue of American Patchwork and Quilting and they have an article on quilt backs (pages 18 to 20). I love this magazine, but I can’t seem to subscribe to it in Australia, so I just check Newsagents and hope for the best.

American Patchowrk and Quilting Issue 85

I feel motivated to make my quilt back something more than a piece of calico.

Today I’ve been working on a T-Shirt commission.

T-Shirt Commission Excessively Diverted

The name will appear in the middle of three bands – like this one

Three Band T-Shirt Example

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