Machine Embroidery Cross Stitch – Emma

I’ve stopped working on the Snail’s Trail quilt to make a friend of mine a baby present. I decided to embellish a body suit with a cross stitch (machine embroidered of course).

From this …


 To this …


 As you can see, I should have stabilised more. I’m still on the look out for a good cheap stabiliser. For this piece I used two layers of a medium weight interfacing rather than a proper embroidery stabiliser.

I apologise for the wonky picture!

 I decided to use this one in the end (even though it is far from perfect) because I simply don’t have the time to make another.

Here is an image of the final product …


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  1. Perhaps the most easiest and cheapest stabilizer is by Pellon and is sold at any Wal-mart. It is called tearaway and is quite stiff. Cross stitch embroidery requires well stabilizing and interfacing would not work. Any stiff stabilizer would be best. I normally use tearaway rather than cutaway. Hugs, Sadia

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