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Multi-Project Update

Project Bags and a Sock

I have been rotating through my various crafting activities; knitting, sewing/quilting and embroidery.

I decided I needed to make project bags for my various projects – the image top right is my first attempt. It is great – my Live Simply cross stitch fits inside with the chart and my box of floss. However, my A4 pages (in a plastic slip) don’t fit easily inside, so I decided the next one needs to be 2.5cm bigger in both length and width. I have started another one (top left image). Check out the fabric, it’s sheep knitting! The front and the back are quilted and it is fully lined (no raw edges).

I finished one of my after thought heel socks – this is not my favourite technique and I will revert back to normal heels for my next sock (which is going to be Winter Rose Socks – I have joined the hand made sock society and they are going to send me a new pattern bimonthly.)

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More Socks!

First Sock

I wanted a project I could easily do on the plane and I also wanted something that I hadn’t started so if my needles were confiscated it wouldn’t be a problem.

I decided on socks – plain vanilla socks – although I am going to attempt an afterthought heel. I bought this colour because it is the colour of my girls’ netball team, so either I will wear them when I coach or one of the girls will wear them (probably Miss P).

I am using my Addi Crasy Trio needles – the needles are 2.25mm -, the yarn is Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch  (Shade 59). It is quite rough so we will see what it is like as a sock.

The toe is a wedge toe and I used Kate Atherley’s 3/2/1/0 recipe – you can find more information on Knitty.

I have Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting without Tears, which discusses how to make an afterthought heel (essentially she knits another toe – and it is a basic toe a decrease round followed by a plain round until 20 stitches are left and then she grafts it).

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Finished Christmas Socks!

Finished christmas socks

I finished my christmas socks – I think one of them is inside out in the image above.

So now I am going to start knitting a pair of Smooth Operator socks using Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch (in colour 59).

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Live Simply

Live Simply – Cross Stitch Progress

I have continued to work may way through my Craftsy class – I now know how to do the pin stitch on linen (brilliant – why didn’t I know that?)

Once I get going, I find this quite easy. I am thinking 32 count Belfast Linen might be my thing. I tried to buy more at Spotlight today, but I had to buy the whole 10m role – that’s $880 – so I said ‘no thanks’ to that and I will buy more from the Crewel Gobelin.

Second Christmas Sock

I am still knitting the second sock – I have reached the toe decreases.

I did a much better job on the gusset this time. I found this article on avoiding holes and it was fabulous (no holes!).

The yarn and the needles have both been great – yarn from passionedflower (on Etsy) and the needles are the new Addi ones.


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A New Year

Christmas Sock and Live Simply Cross Stitch Progress

It’s a new year! Happy New Year everyone. I don’t have any resolutions for this year (I never stick to them anyway), nor do I have any crafting goals (they don’t happen either), but I do have a word/theme – Simplify. I hope to finish a few things and not buy anything more (because I am finding my collection of yarn, fabric, embroidery supplies and books over-whelming and anxiety inducing).

I wanted to make a Christmas sock – I didn’t get the idea until a week before Christmas, so it was quite hard to find yarn (or yarn that had some chance of getting to me in time). I bought peppermint pie from passioned flower on Etsy. Great service and the yarn is beautiful – I will definitely be purchasing more for next Christmas (maybe in October?). I am just knitting a plain-vanilla sock – I contemplated attempting an after thought heel, but I wanted something easy that I could knit while sitting by the pool, watching TV etc.

You might notice in the above image that I am using Addi Crasy Trio needles – they’re fabulous. I don’t really like magic loop and when I use dpns I get ladders at the jump between needles, but these are brilliant.

I have also been working on my Live Simply cross stitch. This is the project from the Craftsy class. This is the first time I have used linen (32 count Belfast) and I love it. I prefer the way this looks to Aida. One thing I am struggling with is stitching path – I want to have as few jumps as possible (and I am not even that keen on weaving through the back of other threads to get to the next spot). It is a bit like the network Travelling Salesman Problem. Is there any technique or method I could use?

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Update on Knitting

Two Hats and a Sock

It is school holidays here and we went away for a week – to here

It was a lovely week away.

Anyway, it meant I had a bit of knitting time.

I knitted two more pussyhats (some friends had asked for their own hats) and then I wanted to knit something that wasn’t pink! I have been knitting a very generic sock – although it seems to be a bit saggy despite my reducing my calf measurement by an inch. Swatches lie!

The yarn is Wendy Roam Fusion (Colourway Force).

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Moving Forward

Miss P's Socks

Miss P’s Socks

I’m continuing to knit these socks – I’m pretty much using The Basic Ribbed Sock pattern from Kate Atherley’s book.

We are introducing the girls to Star Wars (4, 5 and 6) not the awful first three, so we can all go and see the new one. This means I have had a bit of knitting time – each round goes quite quickly. I have just found a counter app for my pebble watch, so now I can keep track without having to stop, find my notebook, and do a tally.

Sorry about the quality. It's a bit hard to take a photo of your own wrist

Sorry about the quality. It’s a bit hard to take a photo of your own wrist

See – brilliant!

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Finished Socks!

Finished Socks

Finished Socks

I finished my Hermione Socks – I’m not all that happy with how the heel flap went (it’s almost like I was knitting inside out?)

I’ve started a new pair of socks for Miss P – using Kate Atherley’s Custom Socks book…

Swatch for next pair of socks

Swatch for next pair of socks

I have never knitted a swatch in the round.

The yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock in shade Queen. I really like how the colours are working together.


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Knitting Hermione Socks

Hermione Socks

Hermione Socks

I have been busy – too busy. I have taken on too much and I am feeling over-whelmed. I’m slowly extricating myself and finding more time for craft.

I have been working (slowly) on my Hermione sock – I think I have gone a bit astray (is it because the instructions are for two circulars and I’m using double points?). I don’t think it matters – this sock is all about the process, finding a bit of quiet in each day. I have taken notes, so I should be able to make the second sock look like the first.

The yarn is beautiful – hand dyed from here.

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Knitting Again!

Swatches and the start of new projects

Swatches and the start of new projects

I’ve been able to get some knitting done while watching television (this series).

I have swatched and started working on the February Fitted Pullover (again – you might remember I have tried this once before). The yarn is Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK in colour Tease.

I have also swatched and started knitting Hermione’s Everyday Socks. This is yarn I bought from the Melbourne Art Gallery markets (Hawthorn Cottage Yarns).

I suspect progress will be slow.

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