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Progress and a New Skill

I've turned the corner

I’ve turned the corner

Miss P’s socks are progressing slowly. This is very meditative knitting – I find myself focusing on each stitch.

I did discover while knitting these socks that I have been doing SSK wrong! I could never understand why SSK and K2tog tbl were different (mine certainly weren’t!). I didn’t realise you slip the two stitches knit wise! I had been doing it Purl wise!

I have also finally worked out which way the decreases will lean! SSK is left and K2Tog is right!

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Asymmetirc Cables Version 2

Second Attempt at Asymmetric Cables

Second Attempt at Asymmetric Cables

Astute observers among you would notice that although my sock doesn’t seem to have progressed, I have changed the method of construction. It all went pear shaped – because I didn’t read the pattern properly. I decided that given that I needed to start again I should try the magic loop method (I found great instructions here). I really like it. No more almost taking my eye out with one of the needles or having one of the double pointed needles falling out because I was knitting loosely.

It might also help that I’ve switched to a very nice Addi circular needle rather than the dodgy cheap metals ones from before (you can see them in the image on this page).

While knitting I’ve been watching Parade’s End.

Cover of Parade's End

Cover of Parade’s End

It is beautiful to watch (always good in a period drama), the acting is brilliant and it has a more cynical (or perhaps honest) view of Edwardian England – definitely worth watching.

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Another Finished Object – Two Socks

I finished the second sock! These came together very easily and I might be a convert to toe up construction.

There are some great instructions here.

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On the Home Stretch (at Least of the First Sock)

I’m onto the leg! There’s a bit of a hole where I rejoined the heel to the instep, so I might need to do something else on sock two.

The pattern on the instep and leg is a cross stitch rib (see below)

Cross Stitch Rib – Multiples of 3 stitches

R1:  *Skip 1st stitch, knit into second stitch, knit into skipped stitch and then slip both stitches off the needle, P1, repeat from * to end of round.

R2: *K2, P1, repeat from * to end of round

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Toe Up Sock

I’ve made a bit of progress on my sock.

It is turning out to be quite large, but I think that will be OK. I’m not quite up to the ankle/gusset part yet and I am intrigued as to how that will go.

We went here to escape the heat. We all had a lovely time; collecting shells, swimming in the pool and the Australia Day fireworks were spectacular.

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First Finished Object for 2012 – Socks

I started these socks in September – the actual knitting time was quite small, but I had a huge delay because I needed Miss P around to work out when to start decreasing for the toe and when she was around I would forget to do it!

This is a really basic sock – I knitted a tension square to determine my tension, measured her leg circumference and cast on the appropriate amount (40), which is just tension multiplied by leg circumference, and then knitted in stocking stitch.

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Continuing the sock saga

I’ve restarted my sock – it only took one attempt to cast on.

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