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Halloween Cat Cross Stitch

Halloween Cat – from Satsuma Street

I seem to have my system working now – the ‘double decker’ hoop (so I can work two handed) from here, and the magnifying light (which I bought from an electronic hobby store).

This is coming together nicely – although I am very slow. It’s about the process though and not the final product.

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Halloween Cat

Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street

This is my latest cross stitch project – this is what it is meant to look like …

Halloween Cat – Satsuma Street

I am working on 25 count Dublin linen from Zweitgart – in the natural colourway. At first I thought I would do one over one (one strand of thread over one strand of the fabric), but it was just too small for me, so I am doing two over two. It is easy and the pattern is delightful to do – big chunks of colour and once you’re started it is easy to move from place to place.

Satsuma Street do fabulous, bright and colourful designs – check out her Etsy store (you can download the designs as pdfs).

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