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Sampler Quilt

Another block is quilted

Another block is quilted

I am back to trying to finish my sampler quilt. I am trying to spend a bit of time on each of my three main crafts – knitting, canvas work and this.

I discovered today (in the manual) that my sewing maching has a setting for free motion quilting – how good is that? And it worked well.

I have never tried ‘quilt as you go‘ before and I am interested to see how it comes together. It has definitely been easier to pin the quilt sandwich together and to quilt the squares.

I have been thinking about my goals for next year and the big one is to finish my ongoing projects – this quilt was started in May of 2013! The other goal is ‘no more craft supplies!’ – always hard.


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Quilting Again

I’ve begun quiting this quilt – I’m free-motion quilting using a double heart pattern (it’s from Quilting Arts magazine June July 2011). See below

It’s coming together quite nicely, but I have trouble covering the quilt in a fluid direction (I have to stop and start).

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Dino Quilt is Finished

I finished my Dino Quilt. Above is the front and below is the back.

I free-motion quilted it using a stippling pattern. I found this to be quite tricky simply because of the size of the quilt, but in the end I’m pleased with the results. As always, I could do with more practice.

I tried a new binding technique. I remembered what happened last time and followed my own advice. I cut the binding strips 2 inches wide, attached them to the back first and then machine sewed them to the front.

Still not completely perfect, but I am happy with the results.

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The Quilting is Finished

I finished quilting the Dino Quilt – the above image is of the back. I stippled it, but I don’t think I pinned it enough – there seems to be a bit of shifting.

Onto binding and labelling.

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I’ve started quilting. I’m stippling this one. I’m finding it physically quite challenging – manipulating all of the fabric and then bits fall of the table and drag on the needle. It is still probably the best part of the quilting process.

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Ready to Quilt

I am already to quilt. New needle (quilting #11), free motion foot is on …

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Another Baby Quilt

Another baby is on the way – due at the end of February (not me obviously!).

It is 30 charm squares and a white border. I bought the charm squares ages ago from the Fat Quarter Shop (sorry I can’t remember the name). Everything including the backing and wadding came from my stash (slightly embarrassing that I have so much stock piled).

I just quilted it using my swirly free motion quilting (see picture below).

This time I didn’t lower the feed dogs while doing free motion quilting. I read about it here and thought I would experiment. To be honest I can’t see that it made much difference – I won’t be dropping the feed dogs in future. I did change the stitch length to zero and everything seem to work as normal – there are a few places where my stitches are too big, but that will just get better with practice.

This quilt came together really quickly – about 5 hours so far and all I have left is the binding.

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Trying to make my loops rounder

When I free-motion quilt I tend to do loops and swirls – it just seems to be my natural style. I’ve been trying to make the loops rounder. I’ve been concentrating on the getting the sewing machine speed and the speed I move the quilt right. Sometimes I have big stitches and sometimes small ones but I am getting better with practice.

This time I’ve also had a bit of trouble with the tension – I’ve tried fiddling with the needle tension, but I haven’t been able to solve the problem completely. Increasing the needle pressure has helped, so I might try altering the tension with increased needle pressure and see what happens.

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Free Motion Quilting

I’ve started quilting this quilt. I’m doing free-motion swirly things (my version of stippling). I’m definitely getting better with practice. I found a supreme slider (it’s a silicon sheet you put between your sewing machine and the quilt – there is a hole for the needle) made things much easier to move the fabric.

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Quilting Alphabet Quilt

I’m quilting my alphabet quilt – it’s almost done. The above is a bit of the free motion quilting I’ve been doing in the sashing and borders.My new sewing machine is lovely… I have lots of new projects in mind.

While quilting I have been listening to Vilette (a novel by Charlotte Bronte) on my Ipod – I have to say it does make the whole process a bit easier.

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