Halloween Cat

Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street

This is my latest cross stitch project – this is what it is meant to look like …

Halloween Cat – Satsuma Street

I am working on 25 count Dublin linen from Zweitgart – in the natural colourway. At first I thought I would do one over one (one strand of thread over one strand of the fabric), but it was just too small for me, so I am doing two over two. It is easy and the pattern is delightful to do – big chunks of colour and once you’re started it is easy to move from place to place.

Satsuma Street do fabulous, bright and colourful designs – check out her Etsy store (you can download the designs as pdfs).

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Hap for Harriet

Hap for Harriet progress

This has become my go to easy knitting (drinking knitting). I am in the middle section and the pattern is easy to remember. I now knit this whenever I am watching television.

After each 12 row repeat I way the yarn (don’t know why as I know they each weigh about 5g), but I still have a way to go before I start decreasing.

I bought the Ebb and Flow kit from Fibre Lily – the yarn is more beautiful in person, so keen to get started on that, but I need to finish this first.

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Hap Progress

Hap for Harriet Progress

I have been working on Kate Davies’ Hap for Harriet – as it’s all knit stitch, I thought it would be easy, but it has taken me a while to find my rhythm. I am into the central section now and it has just now become easier (in fact I could almost call it drinking knitting!).

The yarn I am using is a misti alpaca lace weight (beautiful, but it is like knitting with dental floss).


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Cat’s Meow

I think these are going to be the death of me.

This is what they should look like …

Photo from Ravelry – Meow Mits by Tiny Owl Knits

I have finished one -except the embroidery – and I have started the second one three times! They’re very small and there is lots of yarn hanging off the back.

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Winter Rose Socks Finished


These are the Winter Rose socks from the Hand Made Sock Society – the toes are a bit pointy for my taste, so if the next pattern (Magnolia Socks) has the same shape I will alter it.

My plan was to knit Green Gables socks by Louise Tilbrook, but I think I will knit the Fragment socks from the latest Laine magazine.

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It’s Finished

I started this in December (first post here) – I was using it as a kind of hand therapy after I broke hand. I enjoyed it – there were some downs (terrible counting errors), but I learned heaps – rail roading, the loop method to start and the diagonal pin stitch. This is the first time I have used linen (32 count Belfast) and I know I won’t be returning to Aida.

I was thinking I could make smalls using some of the motifs – the star, or the flowers at the bottom.

So now it is full-steam ahead on my Modern Folk Sampler stitch along – if you think about how a new section gets released each month I am on about January the 5th! Or I could work on my Quaker Lady.

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The Finishing Line is in Sight

Second Sock

The second sock is coming along nicely – although clearly I have missed my March 31st deadline!

I weighed the finished sock and the remaining yarn and there was 4 g difference (in my favour), so I am going to play a bit of yarn chicken.

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New Embroidery Hoop

I decided I needed to be able to stitch two-handed and I didn’t want a frame and a stand and I am not a huge fan of Q-Snaps I find they hurt my fingers getting the plastic bit on and off.

I decided to try a hoop – a two layer hoop to be precise.

This is the stitch ezi hoop from here – I believe it is made in Australia.

I have used it once and so far I have liked it. I can rotate the top hoop so I can weave my ends into the back and I am sure once I get better at using two hands I will speed up.

In the above image I am working on My Lady’s Quaker from Jardin Prive. I love this chart – my progress is slow, but it is about the journey not the destination.

I have also ordered this hoop, which in retrospect might not be as good, because you cannot rotate the top hoop. However, it might pack up smaller and that has to be a good thing. That’s not due to arrive for a while, so I will see how I get on with my stitch ezi hoop. I can attach one of those peg book lights – one like this and it works really well.


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Winter Rose Socks

Winter Rose Socks

This is the current progress on my Winter Rose socks – so far all is going well, the pattern is easy to remember and they are knitting up quickly.

I am knitting the large size, but only cast on 68 stitches (instead of 72) and I have altered the pattern accordingly – the pattern is amazingly detailed.

I am not sure I will finish these by the end of the month, which means I will fall behind in my goal of a pair of socks a month.

Next month I am going to knit Louise Tilbrook’s Green Gable socks.

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Another Project Bag

My completed project bag

A close up so you can see the ‘Baa’ fabric at the bottom

I finished another project bag – this one is for my knitting. It is bigger than the previous one – I can fit my plastic box of notions, the pattern (A4), yarn and a small notebook.

I still want to make more – I have two more embroidery projects and several knitting projects to house.

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