Christmas Socks 2018

Christmas Sock Progress

I have turned the heel, but still to pick up the stitches for the gusset.

Yarn: Fairy Lights from WYS, I am making the pattern up as I go along (very vanilla though).

Check out the knitted and crocheted poppies at the War Memorial in Kings Park.

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My Lady’s Quaker

My Lady’s Quaker

As someone who prides themselves, on my ability to do maths – this cross stitch has humbled me. The motif in the top right I must have stitched at least twice.

The pattern is My Lady’s Quaker from Jardin Prive – 32 count Belfast linen, DMC threads (Black and a Variegated Red)

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Christmas Socks – 2018

Fairy Lights Swatch

A new start. This is Fairy Lights from West Yorkshire Spinners (it’s the limited edition christmas one). I bought it directly from them and it arrived within a week.

I am using my Addi Crasy Trio needles (size 2.25mm) and my gauge is  8 stitches/inch.

My original plan was to knit something with a bit of texture – maybe a cable, but the colour pattern is interesting, so I am just going to knit a plain vanilla top-down sock.

I am going to cast on 66 stitches and knit a 1 by 1 rib for 2 inches (although I might do a twisted rib).


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Samplers from the V&A Museum – Clare Brown and Jennifer Wearden

I have wanted to buy a copy of this book for ages, but could never find one.

And then I came across this one at Australian Needle Arts

I think it’s the same – just a reprint (this one was published in 2003).

I have long had an interest in textiles and I find samplers particularly fascinating. I wish there was more information on the girls who stitched the samplers – where they lived, their economic situation, did they get married, did they recent making a sampler?

These girls were so young – Mary Ann Body (it’s her sampler on the cover) was only 9!

I particularly like this one – dated 1792 where a word is clearly inserted.

Here you seen the ‘away has been added later – or they miscalculated how wide the text would be.


There is a great article here on these samplers.

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My Lady’s Quaker

Progress on My Lady’s Quaker

I have been looking at various different ways of cross stitching. I stitch in hand one stitch at a time. I have tried Q-Snaps, but they hurt my hands getting them on and off, and I do have hoops (this one  and while I do like this hoop – it is a bit of a pain to carry it around and set it up each time). I wanted to have less fuss and effort so I went with stitching in hand.

I do what I think is called the stab method (terrible name), but I thought I should try the sewing method however my tension was a bit crap, so I fallen back to the tried and tested method.

I was hoping to progress a bit quicker, but I will just have to make more of the process.

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Short Rows – Knitting

Working the Short Row Swatch

My Braid Hills cardigan has short row shaping on the sleeve caps. Rather than leaping straight into that I thought I would do the short row course on craftsy.

I have done short rows before – on sock heels, but never a wrap and turn short row.

This course is great – the teacher (Carol Feller) – explains things well and you can replay anything you get a bit stuck on.

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My Lady’s Quaker

My Lady’s Quaker

I have been working on this a little bit at a time.  It’s from here.

It is on 32 count Belfast linen, which seems to be the limit of what I can do. It takes me a while to get my eye in so to speak and then I find it quite easy.

I have learnt how to do a pin stitch to start and stop stitching – from Hands Across the Sea Samplers. Nicola has a YouTube video you can watch. It has made the back much tidier and I am now using the loop method to start the non-variegated thread (the black in the image above).


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Braid Hills Cardigan

Braid Hills Progress

I have been working on this at my knitting group (here) and I have reached the point where I have put the two fronts and the underarm stitches on waste yarn and am working on the back.

I am enjoying knitting this – the yarn is lovely and the pattern is beautifully written (very easy to follow).

I finished the course on mistakes I would recommend it. I can now ladder back and fix most problems.

Next up I am going to try Kate Atherley’s knitting two socks at once course.

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Knitting – Learning how to fix mistakes

Working on my swatch

I have been knitting for a while and I can fix simple mistakes – a dropped stitch, unknit a couple of rows, but anything more complicated is beyond me and I end up re-starting.

I decided to be pro-active and take a course – this one from Craftsy (Fixing Knitting Mistakes with Ann Budd). In the image above you can see I am working on my swatches. I have the pdf instructions on my Kindle and I am watching flosstube (the Twisted Stitcher – I love watching Vonna, she is genuine and entertaining).

This first swatch is about recognizing stitches (and I know I made a mistake with one of the lifted increases and didn’t know how to fix it! – the irony)

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Machine Embroidery


Cat front being embroidered

I have got the embroidery machine out again – to be used more effectively it needs its own space, but it needs a lot of space. I am making a cat – it’s from Embroidery Library – the Cute Kitty Doll.

So far I have done the front and I am working on the back.

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