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A New Project – Hitchhiker Beyond

Hitchhiker Beyond

I have started a new project. I love my hitchhiker and thought I would make another one using a green/blue yarn and then I came across Hitchhiker Beyond! It’s symmetrical!

It is an easy but amazingly effective pattern – made even better by Misti Alpaca sock yarn.

I have been watching The Collection

The Collection

Described as

A gripping family drama and entrepreneurial fable, set in a post-war Paris fashion house. It exposes the grit behind the glamour of a rising business, spearheaded by two clashing brothers.

It is beautiful and sinister and there are mysteries and secrets to be revealed.

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Finished Arachnid Mitts

I learnt a bit on the second one – I put all of the stitches of the spider pattern on one needle, so I didn’t have to cable and swap needles – genius! This one progressed quickly because I was watching Halcyon – any excuse to watch a bit more – I haven’t finished yet.

The costumes and settings…

Halcyon Cast

are spectacular.

The pattern is Arachnid. The yarn is patonyle ombre in coral (I used two balls, but there is heaps left you could probably get by with one ball).

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A New Knitting Project

Current work in progress

Current work in progress

As Miss A won’t wear socks, I needed to knit her something different – she chose a hat. Together we searched Ravelry and found this hat (Azurite). She picked the yarn –Filatura Di Crosa Baby Zarina Print.

I haven’t knitted a hat before, but so far so good.

The instructions call for a LT (Left Twist) which involves dropping a stitch (carefully), moving the stitch behind it to the right needle, picking the stitch up again and the moving the stitch back – really just changing the stitch order of the first two stitches on the left needle. I was not prepared to drop a stitch – no matter how carefully – so I have been using a cable needle. A bit wussy I know, but I couldn’t deal with the drama of a laddering dropped stitch.

I’m finding knitting this to be quite compelling – it is a 9 stitch pattern that I can remember quite easily, so I can knit this while watching various British period dramas – like this one or this one.

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Another Red Square

Sewwitty's Red Square

Sewwitty’s Red Square

I’ve started working on my squares again – it was an effort to remember what to do. Fortunately  I still had fabulous instructions from here.

While working on my squares, I have been watching the latest version of Poldark – I would definitely recommend it – but isn’t that man’s life terrible? Everything goes wrong time and time again. Anyone read the novels?

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Progress Being Made on my Rose Rib Socks

Progress Being Made on my Rose Rib Socks

I like stories of all different kinds – novels, plays, movies, TV series – I suspect it is because I am nosy and like to know how people live. This means I usually watch something while knitting, which sometimes means my lace pattern can go a bit awry. At the moment I’m watching the second series of Once Upon the Time. I do like this show mostly because it is so beautiful to look at the costumes are spectacular ….



and I could quite happily move into Mary Margaret’s apartment.

The show itself is an interesting mix of fairy tales, swashbuckling adventure and good versus evil – and the villains are a bit conflicted, so I find it quite compelling.

All this means I look for excuses to watch it and therefore to knit. I should really be cleaning the house/buying food, but I will just watch one more episode! Besides some of the knits on the show are quite inspirational.

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