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Quilted Coasters

I’ve made more coasters – they’re quick and easy and use up small amounts of fabric (I can make 6 from one fat quarter). This time I used a machine embroidery design from here.

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Fete Apron

It’s a ‘fete year’ at my girls’ school (they happen every three years). We’ve all been asked to make an apron for the craft stall (that’s mine above). I have to say it’s very fiddly – not hard, but time consuming. I’ve spent four hours on it already! I’m determined to get this thing finished before I move onto something else – which means nothing fun is happening (and I need some fun it’s been a hard couple of weeks – sickness, plumping issues (sewage in the garden), leaky roof that was meant to have been fixed.

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Frou Frou Skirt is Finished

I finished this skirt, which I started away back in October. Miss A is wearing it at ballet – I’ve blurred out her face because I’m a bit concerned about internet safety.

This skirt looks great and as the waistband is shirred I finally learnt how to do that (like most things it wasn’t too hard when you actually have a go). However, I found the instructions a bit confusing – diagrams would have helped – in the end I made up my own way of attaching the waistband. Also, the seam allowances were only 1/4 of an inch and there wasn’t enough room to finish the edges so I’m worried the whole thing is going to fray.

I’ve almost finished one March sock!

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Miss A and Miss P went camping on the weekend. I had 24 hours to myself – at home! I decided to start (and hopefully finish) a sewing project. The doll above is the result. I made each of the girls one. It is a machine embroidery pattern that you use your normal sewing machine to complete. The pattern is from here. The instructions were very comprehensive and easy to follow. Miss A is particularly taken and has been ‘designing’ new outfits for her doll (called Ariel).

I feel re-motivated to finish off a few other languishing projects. My March sock, however, is still on going. It’s going to have to be an April/March sock.

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Time for a Plan

If I am to get my second sock finished by Monday (the 31st), then I need a plan of action.

Tuesday (25th): Work on sock leg.

Wednesday (26th): Finish sock leg.

Thursday (27th): Heel flap, turn heel, pick up heel stitches.

Friday (28th): Gusset

Saturday (29th): Foot

Sunday (30th): Toe

As you can see, I’ve left a spare day at the end because something is bound to come up or to take longer than I anticipate.

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Swirly Skirt

I’ve started working on this skirt. It consists of 24 triangles – I’m glad I bought it as a kit all of the cutting would have driven me mad.

So far so good. The instructions are great and it seems to be coming together nicely. I’m slightly concerned about the 1/4 inch seam allowances and no seam finishes (won’t it fray?)

I’ve been away – here – a fabulous (and very relaxing) time was had by all. I did more knitting which I will show you in another post.

Today I spent a bit of time sorting out my craft room. I share it with Misses A and P and it was getting messy, disordered and very cluttered. I find it hard to think straight when surrounded by a mess. So now I shall be able to start my Christmas crafting.

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Another Finished Object

I finished the T-Shirt for Miss P.

Here is a close up of the front …

The Water Lily blocks were foundation pieced using my embroidery machine – you can find the design here. I attach the block using a blanket stitch (width 2.5mm and length 1.5mm). I also used Vliesofix to get the appliques to stay in place while stitching.

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Adding Binding (and School is back)

I’m still hand-sewing the binding to the back. As you can see in the image above, I didn’t attach the binding very well (it’s not an accurate 0.25seam).

School has been back for two days and I thought I would have more time to get things done – but I seem to be achieving less. How does that work?

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Skirt Kit (Another New Project)

I went to my local fabric store and came home with this skirt kit (as you do).

So many new projects and nothing is getting finished – I am working away on my quilt and the spiral blanket!


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Sewing A Dress!

Miss A was asked to a ’70s party (she had to dress up in ‘olden day’ clothes). Anyway I decided to make her a dress using a psychedelic 70s type print. I picked the above pattern (Burda 9544).

It’s been so long since I made any clothes that it took me two attempts to get the zip in and there is something funny about the shoulder seams, but I was really happy with how it turned out.

Miss P now wants the same dress but in a dinosaur fabric.

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