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October Socks

October Socks

I have started work on my very originally named ‘October Socks’.

The yarn is a malabrigo, but I can’t remember the name and I have lost the label (maybe Diana or Arco Iris).

Japanese Knitting Stitches Book

For the leg and foot I am using a stitch pattern from Japanese Knitting Stitches – it has a 9 stitch repeat. It is hard to see in my images but there is a knot stitch and then a 1 stitch cable (alternating between right and left).

To fit the stitch pattern, I cast on 63 and did a rib that would flow into the pattern (K2, P3, K2, P2).

I learnt how to do the cable without a cable needle, by firstly using a cable needle and observing what was happening. This is an easy to memorise pattern and the sock is flowing easily.

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Corona Sock Became Dotty Sock

Dotty Socks

My original intention was to knit corona socks, but it didn’t go well. I stuffed up converting from flat to in the round and decided to do something else – Polka dot socks.

The yarn is Malabrigo Sock (033 Cereza) and I am using 2.25mm needles. Twisted rib, cuff and a normal heel flap, heel turn.

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Chemo/Poison Blanket

Chemo/Poison Blanket

I wanted a project that was easy and quick while I had chemotherapy (for breast cancer). My local yarn store suggested this pattern (it’s an out of print vintage pattern). They had a sample in the store.

The yarn is Cleakheaton Country 8ply (Col 1843) and I used two strands to knit it with big needles (sorry can’t remember the size).

I duplicate stitched the ends, rather than weaving them in, because I want it to be two sided.

Now I plan to finish a few unfinished projects.

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Road Side Beanie

Road Side Beanie by Oliver Henry and Sandra Mason

This was the hat for the 2019 Shetland Wool Week. I have always been fascinated by colour work, patterns like this

“Rams and Yowes” and “Tortoise and Hare” both by Kate Davies

But they seem very complicated, so I need to build myself up to that level.

I thought a hat would be easier and Miss A was going on the school ski trip (cancelled now due to Covid 19).

I bought a kit for the Road Side beanie from Calico and Ivy (if you are in Perth this is a lovely store).

Road Side Beanie Progress

It’s coming along slowly – here’s me knitting a bit of it

I should have used circular needles, but I used what I had on hand, which was dpns. I am up to the crown decreases, so it should all get a little bit faster. This requires a bit of concentration so I haven’t been watching any T.V while knitting it. I did finish Little Fires Everywhere – it was very good.

I would like to finish this by July, which is when the tour was meant to take place.

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A New Sock Project

One of my sneaky children liberated this yarn from my stash and gave it to me for mother’s day!

So this will be the next sock project – after the Covid socks. I am going to pick a pattern from the 52 Weeks of Sock book.

No new T.V series to report on – I gave up on The Last Kingdom (too violent for me). I am looking forward to the new series The Great.

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Corona Sock

I needed to knit something that didn’t require as much concentration as my roadside beanie, so I started knitting my corona sock – just working on the cuff at the moment.

Finished The Miniaturist and have started the latest season (season 4?) of The Last Kingdom – possibly too violent for me (someone got an arrow in the eye – ergh)

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Roadside Beanie Progress

This probably doesn’t look much different for yesterday, but I have started on Chart E (only Chart F left after this). I also have all of those ends to weave in.

We watched the second episode of The Miniaturist – just one more to go. The production design is fabulous.

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Roadside Beanie

Roadside Beanie

As the socks are finished, I have returned to my Roadside Beanie – I think I achieved two rounds last night.

I am now watching The Miniaturist – there are only three episodes, so that’s not going to take long to finish.

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Shell Cottage Finished

Socks are finished

As predicted I finished the socks last night (and Normal People). I need to block them, but it’s a rainy day here so I am going to wait for better drying weather.

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Shell Cottage Sock Update

I am up to the toe – I use the toe construction that Kate Atherley has in her Custom Socks book.

Still making my way through Normal People, maybe two episodes to go? The socks and TV series might finish at the same time.

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